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One of the foundations of chiropractic care is that structure and function are related. So how does that affect a person’s health? Next time your out in the mall take a few minutes to people watch the crowd and observe the different walking gaits that people exhibit. A high shoulder, unleveled pelvis or other abnormality in the posture can have an unsettling effect on the body. A person can become tired more easily and their joints will hurt as their spine can’t support the weight against gravity. Also if their spinal curves are too far from the norm it can add to the physiological stress the body is experiencing.


It’s not just aches and pains a person should worry about. Conditions like scoliosis, an old injury to a weight-bearing joint or years of sitting in an uncomfortable chair can have an impact on the heart, digestion and other internal organs depending on which part of the spine is affected. This is particularly true in such cases as type-2 diabetes. While diet and lifestyle play an important role the condition can be compounded if there is excessive interference in the nervous system brought on by poor posture.


As a person ages often they lose body height and become shorter. What happens is that the discs between the backbones lose fluid and integrity and start to shrink. Some develop a forward head tilt, other have calcifications and arthritis which limits their mobility. People start to age artificially and while this is common it is not normal. Often poor posture occurs as a result of the person’s lifestyle or culture they were raised in. Try observing someone’s gait who was brought up in a third world culture sometime or observe the masses next time you travel overseas. People in poorer countries may be subject to other health problems but usually, they stand erect and walk with a fluidity of motion not seen with individuals from a western background.

As doctors, we need to know what we’re looking for and then know what to do to treat it. A proper chiropractic exam should consist of both a neuromuscular and neurological evaluation keeping the patient’s chief complaints in mind. At our clinic, we frequently customize the treatment plan to include stretching and yoga exercises to get a person back to where it needs to be. I’ve seen many low back patients pain go away by stretching the hamstring and psoas muscles. Patient education including proper gait training is also important to empower the person to take part in their care. Many times it’s a simple fix. It just requires a different doctor with a different set of eyes to spot the problem. For more details visit the website.

Chiropractors Rochester NY

Treating Hyperactivity with Chiropractic

Dr Sadlon is a Chiropractic in Rochester NY treating hyperactivity with chiropractic.  In recent years there has been an explosion in the underage school age population needing pharmacological medication for hyperactivity disorders. Such diagnoses as ADHD and ADD were unheard of 30 years ago but seems to be on the rise as the public school system deteriorates into being another broken down cultural engine. Additional issues as poor nutrition, stress in the family, poor sleep and study habits are also cited as variables for hyperactivity. According to medical historian Harris Coulter Ph.D and a growing number of medical doctors also believe the increase in these diagnoses is due to childhood vaccinations which are poisonous to the brain.  And all too often school psychologists themselves are quick to pull the trigger on the diagnosis as the number of reported cases can tie into federal funding. Consequently the diagnosis itself becomes a political correct issue. However, Drugging children is not the answer and according to Dr. Peter Breggin well known pediatrician, psychiatric drugs such as Ritalin can cause drug induced behavioral disorders, psychosis and neurological tics such as Tourette’s syndrome. Children on Ritalin often become withdrawn and depressed. The prescriptions given to minors frequently cause similar issues which they’re suppose to negate such as inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity.

In contrast, parents and educational professionals have reported on the effectiveness for children in treating hyperactivity with chiropractic for generations. Many of them with neurological disorders and learning disabilities such as dyslexia and autistic behavior. One of the most important studies on chiropractic care and children was conducted in the 1930’s at a Kentucky reform school. A test population of 244 children were given chiropractic care. When matched against the control group health and scholastic achievement improved dramatically. By correcting spinal misalignments chiropractic is an input into the nervous system and can restore neurological balance. Other studies indicate that chiropractic can improve blood flow to the brain and reduce anxiety as cited by Terrett in 1993.

In treating Hyperactivity with Chiropractic care a nutritional approach is often also incorporated. Poor carbohydrate digestion often leads to an inability to get glucose into the brain and also result in low potassium levels. This can further promote symptoms of hyperactivity as the child becomes increasingly agitated. This is best dealt with dietary recommendations and an elimination diet of processed foods.

At Chiropractic Health, Wellness and Acupuncture we have been treating hyperactivity with Chiropractic Care since out inception in 1983.  Located in Penfield the office serves Webster, Fairport, Brighton, Pittsford and the greater Rochester NY area.

Contact us today to discuss how we treat hyperactivity with chiropractic.  We look forward to providing you with alternative options for treating hyperactivity.

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Chiropractors Rochester NY

How Do I Find A Good Chiropractor ?

I am often asked this question either by patients who are traveling or have relatives out of town who are in need of care. Finding a good chiropractor is a bit different than finding a good MD. Typically, the referral network is not the same for practitioners of holistic medicine.


If you’re in a new part of the country, sometimes it’s best to contact the local heath food store and ask the staff who in the area has a good reputation. Personal knowledge from someone you trust is always better than on-line reviews. Why? Practitioners can game the system with phony write-ups and Facebook Likes, “Gee, imagine that!”

The issue is further compounded as no two chiropractors work the same. Having been in practice for over 40 years, I’ve seen hundreds of types of chiropractic protocols and styles of practice. This is because chiropractic is not an exact science. Accuracy and skill in adjusting is just as important as the academic book knowledge. Finding someone who’s focused in their work and detailed oriented is equally important as a 4.0 grade average.

In truth, healing is as much an art as it a science and depends on at least five factors:
1) the age of the patient
2) how much damage has been done to the body
3) how much vitality is present in the patient
4) how willing is the patient willing to follow directions
5) how good is the doctor

There are of course the more usual ways to check a practitioner’s references. A few key strokes will quickly put in touch with the state’s licensing board. Once you click on the professional specialty you can scroll down to the practitioner’s name and license number. If an ethical violation has occurred or if disciplinary action has been taken against the doctor, that information will be referenced here.

For myself there are two things I look for when I select a provider in any profession. First, I ask is the practitioner consistent in what they do. There are many different schools of healing as well as different treatment techniques. However, everyone should be following some standard of care according to some protocol.

If a practitioner is consistent in what they’re doing, they’re probably going to get you well- even if it’s inefficient system they’re practicing in. It might just take longer. Second, does the provider have a sense that they’re trying to evolve you. The goal being to get you better to reach maximum medical improvement. Going to a chiropractor three times a week till the sun blows up is just as foolish as being on a life time drug prescription without a periodic review. Pushing forward and making progress should always be the goal. Adjustments in treatment are necessary when deemed appropriate.

The body has it’s own innate intelligence to heal and correct itself. Given some simple changes in diet, digestion, and detoxification will help remove the source of stress. This allows the body to be in a better place to heal itself.

For more information about finding the right practitioner, or how we can help you reach healthy days again, just contact us today.

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Chiropractors Rochester NY

Chiropractic Care And Pregnancy

Know somebody who might be suffering from back pain during their pregnancy? Is it you?


Back pain is a common effect of pregnancy and chiropractic care is a helpful option for an expecting mother. In a recent study by Lisi AJ in the ‘Journal of Midwifery and Women’s health ‘ 2006,  the majority of women reduced their low back pain scores following a chiropractic treatment during acute episodes.

As a drug free therapy chiropractic care during pregnancy is also useful because it minimizes effects on the fetus. Eli Lilly once said, “the drug with no side effects is no drug at all.”  Consequently, no drug should be prescribed during a pregnancy without taking into account the risks to the baby.

Sulfur drugs, non steroidal anti-inflammatories, alcohol, cough syrup and over the counter cold remedies have all been linked to fetal damage and miscarriages.

Since it is a biomechanical science, chiropractic care can help keep a woman’s body aligned and structurally flexible. It’s goal is to help break free from nerve interference. Nerve interference is especially difficult to deal with during the third trimester. This trimester results in hormonal changes that produce a laxity in the pelvis and ligaments call progesterone. The progesterone hormone has often been called the nuisance hormone due to the pain related with it.

This is a normal part of the pregnancy as the pelvic joints undergo bone changes to accommodate the birth. In our own practice it is not unusual to provide chiropractic adjustments on a more frequent basis.

To help cope, try dietary changes like increasing proteins, stretching exercises and avoiding recreational drugs. Chiropractic care is also an important part of any treatment program.

Chiropractic care during pregnancy has also been shown to help control morning sickness, cut short premature contractions and reduce back labor. It has also proven useful to correct breech presentations in which the baby has failed to turn properly for birth.

Developed by the late Dr. L Webster, the Webster Technique has proven successful in correcting breech presentations.

For more information on how Chiropractic Care And Pregnancy can affect your upcoming family, check out the link below or visit our website at Located in Penfield NY the office serves Fairport, Brighton, Pittsford and the greater Rochester NY area.

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