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Strengthen Your Immune System This Winter with Acupuncture and Herbs


More than a flu shot

For those of us who wish to be proactive, there are better ways to safeguard your health this winter other than a flu shot. The stress of everyday living takes a toll on most people in one form or another and often is reflective in our vitality.

Poor eating habits, lack of sleep, and exercise are all precursors for allowing your body to become depleted and rundown. The cold weather and dampness also adds to the problem and can set a person up for a bout of the flu or bad cold once the season sets in.

However, with a little preplanning and some added herbs, one can generally head a bad cold off at the pass.

How can Chinese herbs help this winter?

There is considerable complexity in putting together a Chinese herbal formula and to learn the best combinations can often take years. Chinese herbology is a science unto itself. However, there are a few herbs used for medical purposes that are easy to prepare for the winter months.

Such mainstays as cinnamon, clove, and astragalus can easily be made into teas or taken in capsule form. These boost your immune system when taken ahead of time. These are all easily available, but you might have to check with your acupuncturist to make sure you get the correct dosage.

Already feeling sick?

If you already caught a winter bug, there’s still plenty you can do to feel better. Fresh ginger will dispel cold from the muscles and joints. Angelica will expel wind while opening up the nasal passages.

If it’s a sore throat your coming down with, try some peppermint leaf. If it’s muscle pain you’re dealing with, don’t be afraid to try some clematis in tea form. Clematis will help to move the body’s Qi and unblock the areas where the cold has set in.

Acupuncture helps too

By its nature, acupuncture can help a great deal to get back on your feet. There are acupuncture points that stimulate the immune system such as Stomach 36 and Gall Bladder 12. This is especially useful when combined with the herbs.

The typical Acupuncture session runs about an hour in length and often involves the practice of cupping as an additional therapy. Cupping will help move the lymph through the body and is good both for pain and congestion.

If you never tried cupping, it can be quite the experience. It rids the muscles of old residual pain that’s stuck in the body. While it is quite harmless, you may temporarily look like you had a run-in with an octopus. The marks quickly fade as circulation to the area is restored over the next few days.

With a little forethought and planning, there’s no reason to let the flu get you down this winter season.

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Best Acupuncture Rochester NY

Top 5 Reasons to Try Holistic Practice of Acupuncture

Acupuncture Treatment

There are several proofs of successful treatments with acupuncture where conventional medicine failed to deliver satisfactory results. Acupuncture can be used as both alternative and complementary medicine to treat various diseases. In spite of being an age-old practice, acupuncture has shown satisfactory results to patients without any side-effects or symptoms. If you still haven’t resorted to acupuncture treatment before, here are the top 5 encouraging reasons to prove why it is worth trying:

It is Personalized Healthcare

Acupuncturists never treat two patients with the same disorders in exactly the same way. They follow a holistic approach. They do not just cure the symptoms but heal the patients completely by taking their whole body into account. Before starting the treatment, acupuncturists usually discuss your medical history, your lifestyle and the reasons behind the disorder to get a complete picture of it. This approach is followed to stimulate the body’s innate healing capabilities.

Free from Side-Effects

The idea of placing fine and sterilized needles on a patient’s body may scare you in the beginning but the fact is, it causes a negligible pain. Take it this way: the pain of your disease far outweighs the pain of hair-thin needles. Moreover, there will be no side-effects either.

Cures Many Other Ailments

As mentioned before, apart from treating symptoms of a certain disorder, acupuncture heals the entire body and establishes a proper flow of life energy throughout the body. For example, if you go for treatment of neck pain in Rochester, apart from a reduction in the symptoms, you will experience a decrease in stress-levels and improvement in your mood and sleep quality.

Eliminates the Disorder from its Roots

Acupuncture does not aim at just treating the patient’s current state of suffering but also its underlying root cause so that the patient never faces the same issue again. This benefit of acupuncture has made it one of the most sought-after treatments.

It Definitely Works

Acupuncture has been around since ages and if its results weren’t positive, it wouldn’t have existed so long or spread across different fields of medicine. With its origination in China, this therapy is being followed since hundreds of years across the globe and has successfully treated millions of patients.

There is a huge growth in demand for treatment with Acupuncture in East Rochester. This has opened new doorways to clinical research for broadening the scope of acupuncture in the treatment of more critical health conditions. Also, as acupuncture is not used for emergency health conditions, its effectiveness remains unquestionable.

Best Acupuncture Rochester NY

Unlock your Energies to Cure Insomnia using Acupuncture

“In the context of traditional Eastern medicine, a proper flow of energy can be established between the body, mind and the spirit to cure any disorder. Be it back pain, migraine, infertility, stress or insomnia, all the disorders can be cured by placing fine and sterilized needles on certain points of the body which propels a natural healing. This procedure is called acupuncture.”

Cure Insomnia using Acupuncture

The power of acupuncture is well-known around the world. Though the healing process is still not proved by scientific methods, doctors and health practitioners do not disagree to its healing capabilities. Even the practitioners of traditional Western medicine have accepted acupuncture as a complementary or alternative medicine.

How Acupuncture Works

First of all the acupuncturist talks to the patient about the symptoms they are facing to understand its nature. They start the treatment by placing fine and sterilized needles on certain points (also known as meridians) of the patient’s body. Those needles do not cause pain, as they are as thin as a strand of hair.

Symptoms of the disorders are indicative of an obstruction caused in the path of the life energies. Acupuncture is used to open the blocked channels and establish a smooth flow of those energies between the body and the mind.

Treatment of Insomnia with Acupuncture

In Chinese medicine, there are different types of insomnia. So, it is imperative to understand the nature of insomnia before starting the treatment.

Different types of insomnia are as follows:

  • Sleep onset, in which the patient finds it difficult to sleep
  • Waking in the middle of the night and unable to go back to sleep.
  • Terminal or late insomnia, in which the patient wakes up early in the morning and cannot go back to sleep.
  • Sleep with vivid dreaming.

A particular type of insomnia indicates a specific type of imbalance in the flow of energies. After understanding the nature of insomnia, the acupuncturist targets specific points to treat it. The treatment may not be done in one session. The acupuncturist may ask you to come back for subsequent sessions.

In Rochester NY, Insomnia is a common problem. Many people have reported the disorder due to high-stress level and inappropriate living habits. If you are a victim of insomnia, find a seasoned acupuncturist online and start the treatment at the earliest.

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How does a Chiropractor treat Chronic Disorders?

Chiropractic care is a form of natural healing meant for those who seek complementary/alternative to cure acute or chronic ailments. It is generally used as a holistic approach in which the chiropractor believes in healing the patient physically, mentally and spiritually, not just curing the symptoms. He sees the patient as a whole. So far it has helped many individuals and the success rate of chiropractic care is quite higher than other forms of treatment for the same disorder.

Chiropractor in Webster NY
Chiropractor in Webster NY

Chronic pain is increasingly spreading among people due to the industrialization and prolonged working hours. People face issues like lower back pain, headache, tightening of muscles, and so on.

In the concept of holistic medicine, the medical practitioner believes that there is a constant flow of energy between the soul, body and the mind. Any disorder in this flow will lead to suffering. So, the chiropractors talk to their patients about their medical history, hereditary problems, and other diseases and disorders in detail. This helps him work together with the patient to promote a natural healing process.

On the first visit, the doctor goes conducts various examinations such as laboratory analysis, physical tests and X-rays. All these tests are done to confirm whether chiropractic care is appropriate for the disorder. For example, pain caused due to a fractured leg cannot be treated with chiropractic care. You must go for Western medicine. The chiropractor also conducts a specialized examination paying particular attention to the spine.

Chiropractic does not involve drugs or surgery. It utilizes a broad range of techniques to locate and gently fix the misalignments of the spine. He may use manual adjustment methods, electronic muscular stimulation, ultrasound, and massage, but never pharmaceutical products or persistent surgery.

Chiropractors around the globe prefer to work together with other doctors and healthcare professionals. You never know, your condition might require attention from another branch of medicine. If that is the case, their referral will be taken into consideration.

In Webster, NY, chiropractic care is gaining a lot of popularity because of less or no side effects. If you are looking for a Chiropractor in Webster NY, you should ask for referrals from your friends or visit the local Yellow Pages.

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Acupuncture- An Effective Alternative Medicine for Healthy Heart Conditions

Can tiny needles and positive thinking help you maintain healthy heart conditions? The answer would surprise you. A healthy heart can be maintained by good food habits, watching the weight, avoiding stress and exercising regularly. As these activities are hard to maintain, so, people often end up suffering from heart diseases. As the Western medicine cannot guarantee in curing heart diseases completely, patients often go for alternative medicine.


Heart diseases are the most prevalent causes of death among humans. More often the symptoms of coronary heart diseases are difficult to identify. The most common symptoms of heart attack include severe chest pain, neck pain, heartburn, nausea and vomiting, shortness of breath and upper body discomfort.

Chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, kidney problems, diabetes, and atherosclerosis also put a strain on the heart. Therefore, it is important to make healthy food habits and life changes to shield yourself against cardiac arrest. If you experience a heart attack, you should consult a cardiologist immediately.

Acupuncture for Treatment of Cardiac Diseases

Acupuncture decreases the risk of heart attack by lowering the blood pressure, increasing blood circulation, decreasing inflammation and supporting cardiovascular organs. It is the newest weapon used for combat against hypertension. Research suggests that weekly sessions can slash systolic pressure by about 20 points. It produces excellent results in association with medications like Calcium Channel Blockers and ACE inhibitors.

Involvement of new technologies has enhanced the treatment even further. ‘Electroacupuncture’ that uses battery-driven needles enables the acupuncturist to control the stimulation and adjust the frequency. It produces faster results in comparison to conventional techniques.

However, acupuncture cannot be considered a complete treatment for heart attack or high blood pressure. Once you acquire high blood pressure you would deal with it for life. So, if you experience the symptoms of heart attack or high blood pressure, you should seek emergency treatment immediately.

As mentioned earlier, acupuncture cannot be considered as an alternative medicine for heart diseases. There are various factors which can affect heart conditions of any human in the world. If you are based out in Rochester and looking for treatment of heart conditions with acupuncture in Rochester, NY, you can take referrals from your friends or visit the local yellow pages, today!

holistic medicine

Avail Holistic Medicine to Take Your Health to the Next-Level

Holistic Medicine is a treatment approach that is beyond the scope of modern medicine. It works on the philosophy of treating the individual as a whole rather than just treating the symptoms of the disease he/ she is suffering from. In other words, it works on the philosophy of providing holistic health to any individual suffering from any disease. This treatment methodology takes a preventive approach by finding and treating the root cause of a disease. The treatment approach undertaken is mostly natural and thus doesn’t involve the usage of pharmaceutical drugs or invasive surgery.

This treatment approach focuses on enhancing the relationship between the doctor and the patient as the doctor tends to sit with the patient to understand his health concerns, previous medical history and other problems pertaining to his health and well-being. Holistic medicine doesn’t just hold the medical practitioner responsible for a patient’s health but makes the patient responsible for his own health and well-being by following certain healthy lifestyle practices and diet.

This form of healing is either practiced individually or used along with other therapies and practices to cure wide range of diseases including chronic, as well as acute diseases. For instance, patients suffering from cancer and undergoing chemotherapy may witness debilitating pain which may be assuaged by availing acupuncture therapy alongside conventional medicine. In other words, this form of healing complements modern medicine and enhances its effectiveness.

The practitioners of holistic medicine are mostly an ideal addition to practitioners in Western Medicine Treatment Plans. They are medical practitioners who always follow a systematic approach to deal with patients so as to provide them with holistic health and well-being. They do not follow the traditional consultation approach to cure just the symptoms. So, a holistic approach is the best way of treatment you can go for.

So, if you are based out in New York and looking for practitioners offering Holistic Medicine in Rochester New York, you may get in touch with several reputed and reliable service providers who can help you take your health to the next-level.

Complimentary Medicine

Why More and More People are getting inclined Towards Complementary Medicine?

Most of us still prefer to go by the conventional methods of treating a particular ailment or a disease. In fact, it is considered to be the most effective way of curing any disease. However, many people have not yet been completely satisfied with the cure and care offered by modern medicine and thus seeks refuge in certain other types of medicine, therapies and practices that either act independently or can complement the effectiveness of conventional treatments. In fact, under the umbrella term of complementary medicine, wide range of therapies and practices exist.

Complementary Medicine

So, what is complementary Medicine? Complementary medicine or therapy isn’t a part of the modern or conventional medical system but can be used along with conventional medicine. For instance using acupuncture along with painkillers can reduce labor pains. Complementary medicine or therapies is a system of healthcare that treats the person as a complete whole rather than an individual with a specific disease. In other words, this treatment methodology doesn’t just simply focus on alleviating the symptoms of disease. In fact, it focuses on providing holistic health and healing, which includes all the aspects of health i.e. mind, body and spirit.

When you visit a doctor or practitioner of complementary medicine, he/ she would sit along with you to understand your problems in a better. They may ask several questions pertaining to your lifestyle, dietary habits, and background so as to provide you with a treatment that is customized to your needs. Many people feel better about the treatment as they are now in better control of their health as they become more involved. Not just this, they also are responsible for their overall health and well-being. What makes this practice of healing all the more alluring is that they are safe and have little to no side effects.

Most complementary medicine makes use of natural ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen, garden or natural surroundings. Consequently, they are not as costly as modern therapies and medications. If you are based out in New York and looking to enjoy the benefits of complementary medicine then you may get in touch with a reliable practitioner offering Complementary Medicine in Rochester NY.