Complimentary Medicine

Why More and More People are getting inclined Towards Complementary Medicine?

Most of us still prefer to go by the conventional methods of treating a particular ailment or a disease. In fact, it is considered to be the most effective way of curing any disease. However, many people have not yet been completely satisfied with the cure and care offered by modern medicine and thus seeks refuge in certain other types of medicine, therapies and practices that either act independently or can complement the effectiveness of conventional treatments. In fact, under the umbrella term of complementary medicine, wide range of therapies and practices exist.

Complementary Medicine

So, what is complementary Medicine? Complementary medicine or therapy isn’t a part of the modern or conventional medical system but can be used along with conventional medicine. For instance using acupuncture along with painkillers can reduce labor pains. Complementary medicine or therapies is a system of healthcare that treats the person as a complete whole rather than an individual with a specific disease. In other words, this treatment methodology doesn’t just simply focus on alleviating the symptoms of disease. In fact, it focuses on providing holistic health and healing, which includes all the aspects of health i.e. mind, body and spirit.

When you visit a doctor or practitioner of complementary medicine, he/ she would sit along with you to understand your problems in a better. They may ask several questions pertaining to your lifestyle, dietary habits, and background so as to provide you with a treatment that is customized to your needs. Many people feel better about the treatment as they are now in better control of their health as they become more involved. Not just this, they also are responsible for their overall health and well-being. What makes this practice of healing all the more alluring is that they are safe and have little to no side effects.

Most complementary medicine makes use of natural ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen, garden or natural surroundings. Consequently, they are not as costly as modern therapies and medications. If you are based out in New York and looking to enjoy the benefits of complementary medicine then you may get in touch with a reliable practitioner offering Complementary Medicine in Rochester NY.

Complimentary Medicine

How Effective are Complementary Medicine for Treating Migraine Pain?

Complementary medicine refers to a group of therapies and practices that exist outside the realm of traditional health care. The therapies and healing practices that fall under the umbrella of complementary medicine work in conjunction with conventional medicine to enhance its effectiveness. For instance, a cancer patient besides receiving chemotherapy may also avail acupuncture to manage the harsh side effects such as pain, nausea etc.

Complementary Medicine for Treating Migraine PainOver the years, complementary therapies and practices have proved to be extremely beneficial in alleviating the symptoms of wide range of disorders ranging from acute and chronic to the most debilitating disease. One such condition that has been effectively treated using complementary therapies and medicine is ‘Migraine’. Today more than 38 million Americans are suffering from migraine, which is more than just a bad headache. Migraines usually manifest in the form of severe and throbbing pain on both or one side of the head and is accompanied by symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, visual strife with extreme sensitivity to bright light and sound.

As a matter of fact, there is no permanent cure for migraine headaches. People suffering from migraine attacks usually depend on drugs for alleviating the symptoms. However, these drugs have serious side effects, and are not always effective. Patients who wish to seek treatment beyond pharmaceutical drugs may benefit from complementary medicine and therapies.

There are several complementary therapies that have been proven to be extremely effective in managing chronic migraine pain. These include acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic care and more. These therapies and practices when recommended by a trained and qualified practitioner can help manage or prevent migraine pain without causing any side effects.

An experienced practitioner takes a holistic view of health of a person i.e. considers a person, not just a part of them but also takes into account all symptoms, lifestyle, family history and individual preferences. Before recommending you the right solution, they will sit along with you and ask numerous questions regarding your lifestyle, dietary habits and much more.

As a resident of Fairport, if you are looking to avail the services of a practitioner offering Complementary Medicine in Fairport NY then make sure you engage the services of a reputed practitioner.

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Reducing Your Stress Through Chiropractic Care

Reducing Stress

Chiropractic care is often associated with the headache and backache type of complaints. However, a big part of the treatment deals with stress reduction.

Chiropractic adjustment do restores mobility to the spine and reduce inflammation.

The adjustments are also an input into the nervous system. This can bring balance back to the body so the person is not always revved up in a ‘ fight or flight syndrome.’

The demands of modern living people tend to live in a hyper active state. It’s almost like being a wind up toy where the spring broke. Essentially, we’re forgotten how to relax. We’ve forgotten how to keep ourselves healthy.

Being in touch with our spiritual side and outward environment is not as easy as it use to be.

This is more clearly seen when observing people from other cultures when they arrive in the United States. As a doctor, I often hear the concern from new immigrants that there’s never any time in our country. It’s as if the fast food mentality now permeates every aspect of daily living. From our relationships, health care, and even our relaxation time. We must learn to kick back and relax once in awhile.

Certain types of integrative medicine can help with:

    and much more

Is your body getting enough nutrition?

If you’re an Alpha Dog individual with a lot on your plate everyday, your brain is probably doing seven cushion billiards shots to keep the show together. Consequently, you’re burning up all your nutritional resources into brain glucose. This leaves little left over for repair. Or even everyday routine functions. As a result, physical manifestation start. Things like a chiropractic headache, backache, poor sleep, and the emotional wackiness we see in our co-workers.

Often times, too much stress will attack the weakest area of the body. If you have a chronic condition such as a TMJ jaw problem, a recurrent UTI that you can’t shake or problems with your blood pressure / blood sugar…that’s usually where the stress will show up.

Unfortunately traditional medicine has few viable options.

The standard SSRI medications do little other than block receptor sites from neurotransmitters or interfere with enzymatic pathways in the body. More disturbingly, there is nothing in the treatment plan to get you off of them. You’re expected to be on them long term.

Medications rarely get to the underlying problem and flatten down people’s emotions. They make you more numb to what’s going on around you. Then there’s the side effects. These can induce more of a neurotic or pathological behavior. In the words of Eli Lilly,  “the drug with no side effects is no drug at all.”

Chiropractic care and integrative medicine have more to offer than you think. A program of adjustments, proper nutrition, and repair often corrects imbalances in the nervous system. They also help to repair the stressed endocrine system.

More important it can help get your mind back and allow you to focus on your priorities. Chiropractic is the second largest school of healing in the world and involves a natural approach without drugs.

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Importance Of Protein In Health And Wellness


One of the most simple and overlooked variables in maintaining health and wellness is adequate levels of protein. Due to many weight loss health fads, economic reasons or a culture geared to a fast food mentality, protein often gets a back seat to foods containing fats and cheap carbohydrates. Still, protein is one of the fundamental building blocks of metabolism and essentially the ISP of the body.

Protein is important for your health and wellness

Protein is the fuel the body needs for growth and repair. It’s deficiency often can be a reason behind recurrent infections and wounds which don’t heal properly. It plays a role in numerous important processes in the body such as proper kidney and liver function.

Even your calcium is held in the blood by plasma protein. So ladies if it’s osteoporosis you’re worry about, bone health is more than just about Vitamin D and calcium. Both take a back seat if sufficient protein is lacking.  It is also important for the adrenals and blood sugar handling. Often a 12oz steak can be quickly digested and turned into blood glucose for the brain when a person is under stress.

Your brain tends to be a glucose hog and if it runs out of glucose during the day it quickly starts screaming at the liver to rev up gluconeogenesis. This is the process where the body converts stored foods into sugar and glucose.

Protein deficiencies are common

Protein deficiencies are often commonly seen with female athletics particularly runners. They quickly burn through their protein reserves and start breaking down their body’s fat stores. Since lipids is also the substrate the body builds hormones from these woman frequently lose their menstrual cycle temporarily while their in training.

Intense cardiovascular workouts for extended periods of time can also lead to imbalances in the hormones. So the solution is to dramatically increase the protein intake. I frequently tell my female patients who work out on a regular basis that they need to eat meat twice a day. This is particular true with women who are in the early stages of pregnancy. Here, protein becomes even more essential.

There are increased nutritional demands on the mother due to the fetus and once you get past the first trimester it’s almost impossible to catch up if you’re behind the curve. It’s important then to pre-load going into the pregnancy.

Proactive dieting can help

Good dieting and food consumption starts with proper planning and learning to live within your budget. Health and wellness may seem elusive at times but like anything else you need to have a game plan. It’s helpful to spend part of your weekend planning and cooking your meals for the coming week. Hard boiled eggs are easy to make and can quickly come in handy when your late for an appointment.

I once had a roommate in college who would peel hard boiled eggs in the car and throw the shells out the window. Granted, it wasn’t the best way to have breakfast but it kept him out of the fast food joints along the way to work. Sardines are also a good inexpensive bachelor snack if you can tolerate them. Keep a couple of cans in the car and they can serve as the backup plan if stuck somewhere with nothing civilized to eat.

Diet, digestion and detoxification are all important in maintaining health. Some prefer to take that path as vegetarians. No matter how you do it, it’s very important to get your sources of protein. Over the years I’ve seen too many vegetarians end up being pastatarians. This is due to a lack of understanding about the importance of protein and what healthy options are out there.

For further information on how holistic medicine can affect your health and wellness contact our office today or sign up for one of our complementary heath consultations.

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Complimentary Medicine

Proven Benefits of Availing Complementary Medicine for Overall Health and Well-being

In today’s day and era, patients are considering alternative health care practices beyond regular or modern medicine. In fact, there are several alternative and complementary health care practices that have been incorporated by patients as well as practitioners of modern medicine as a part of treatment regimen. In other words, complementary medicine includes wide range of therapies and practices that is/are used along with conventional medicine.

What is Complimentary Medicine?

Complementary medicine includes a group of diagnostic disciplines and therapies that exists and functions beyond the scope of conventional treatment. Though, they are used along with standard medical treatment, they are not considered as standard treatment practices. However, when complementary medicine is combined with standard medical treatment, it is referred to as “integrative medicine.”

Scientific studies done over the years reveal the effectiveness of conventional medicine that has also been proven to be safe. In fact, complimentary medicine integrated along with chemotherapy has proved to be highly effective in assuaging the discomfort caused as a result of several symptoms such as pain, anxiety, and many more. This health care practice includes number of techniques and therapies such as herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga, meditation and more. Sometimes referred to as holistic medicine, complementary medicine addresses how a disease affects an individual as a whole instead of just the symptoms of a disease i.e. physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially. It is indeed a natural, non-pharmaceutical and non-invasive method of treatment that complements their traditional counterparts. As a result, this treatment practice comes with very little to no side effects.
Types of Complementary Health Care Medicine:

Most of the complementary health care therapies and techniques fall under subgroups i.e. natural products or mind and body practices.

Natural Products: This category includes products including vitamins, minerals, herbs or botanicals, and probiotics. They are readily available and could be purchased in form of dietary supplements.
Mind and Body Practices: This category includes wide range of techniques and procedures that are administered by trained experts. These practices include yoga, meditation, chiropractic care, osteopathic manipulation, massage therapy, acupuncture, naturopathy, and many more.

So, if you are looking for practitioners offering Complementary Medicine in Pittsford NY, make sure you engage the services of a qualified, trained and licensed practitioner.