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For a doctor, it’s safe to say that healing is knowing what you’re looking for more than knowing what to do when you find it. It sounds simple but when medicine is locked into a pathological model of disease choices are limited. Pharmacological medicine is often little more than ‘sick care’ — where there’s no incentive to improve the overall a patient’s health, but only manage their symptoms. Sometimes it feels like a truck has to hit you and be 10 miles down the road before anything shows up in your blood work. How we got here is a long story. Fortunately, there are good providers out there who will take the time to provide viable Functional and Integrative Medicine options to their patients. However, until the medical establishment broadens their treatment parameters, we’ll be left with a dysfunctional system of care dictated by insurance companies. link

By contrast, both Functional and Integrative Medicine offer other options which align with evidence-based results. These approaches have grown out of early models of holistic and complementary medicine which incorporated other modalities such as nutrition, chiropractic and acupuncture. While both are similar, they also have differences. Integrative medicine looks at complementary modalities as well as lifestyle patterns such as diet and nutrition to help patients reach their goals. Functional medicine embraces many of these factors but is also rooted in understanding the primary cause of an illness. Each patient’s care plan is distinct and unique and the doctor-patient relationship becomes more of a partnership. And, similar to integrative medicine, functional medicine attempts to evolve the patient to a higher level of health, rather than just treat the disease. Too often, this is missed in conventional medicine because the traditional provider doesn’t always have the options available in the medical setting they’re working in.

It’s important to note that a patient’s signs and symptoms are not separate from the bodies in other biological systems. Disease arises when the body has run of energy reserves or Qi and can no longer manage the daily stress of the person’s lifestyle. The body’s structure and function are interrelated and it’s often necessary to go past the immediate symptoms, a concept we see frequently in chiropractic and acupuncture. The broader concept about your health is: what’s keeping your body from repairing itself?

Diet, digestion and detoxification are important aspects of health to keep inflammation down and improve the immune and endocrine systems. Through the use of oriental medicine, chiropractic, enzyme nutrition, Chiropractic Health and Acupuncture offers a comprehensive approach to chronic back pain and injuries.



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Chiropractors Rochester NY


One of the foundations of chiropractic care is that structure and function are related. So how does that affect a person’s health? Next time your out in the mall take a few minutes to people watch the crowd and observe the different walking gaits that people exhibit. A high shoulder, unleveled pelvis or other abnormality in the posture can have an unsettling effect on the body. A person can become tired more easily and their joints will hurt as their spine can’t support the weight against gravity. Also if their spinal curves are too far from the norm it can add to the physiological stress the body is experiencing.


It’s not just aches and pains a person should worry about. Conditions like scoliosis, an old injury to a weight-bearing joint or years of sitting in an uncomfortable chair can have an impact on the heart, digestion and other internal organs depending on which part of the spine is affected. This is particularly true in such cases as type-2 diabetes. While diet and lifestyle play an important role the condition can be compounded if there is excessive interference in the nervous system brought on by poor posture.


As a person ages often they lose body height and become shorter. What happens is that the discs between the backbones lose fluid and integrity and start to shrink. Some develop a forward head tilt, other have calcifications and arthritis which limits their mobility. People start to age artificially and while this is common it is not normal. Often poor posture occurs as a result of the person’s lifestyle or culture they were raised in. Try observing someone’s gait who was brought up in a third world culture sometime or observe the masses next time you travel overseas. People in poorer countries may be subject to other health problems but usually, they stand erect and walk with a fluidity of motion not seen with individuals from a western background.

As doctors, we need to know what we’re looking for and then know what to do to treat it. A proper chiropractic exam should consist of both a neuromuscular and neurological evaluation keeping the patient’s chief complaints in mind. At our clinic, we frequently customize the treatment plan to include stretching and yoga exercises to get a person back to where it needs to be. I’ve seen many low back patients pain go away by stretching the hamstring and psoas muscles. Patient education including proper gait training is also important to empower the person to take part in their care. Many times it’s a simple fix. It just requires a different doctor with a different set of eyes to spot the problem. For more details visit the website.

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Know What a Migraine is All About and How to Deal with It

People who never had headaches cannot understand the torture which is experienced by those who suffer from migraines attacks. Know what a migraine is all about and how to deal with it.People who never had headaches cannot understand the torture which is experienced by those who suffer from migraines attacks. Know what a migraine is all about and how to deal with it.

Reducing Stress

What is the basic difference between the headache and migraine?

The causes of headaches range from sinusitis and infections caused by a virus or bacteria.

A migraine is a very severe headache that is followed up by other symptoms. People who suffer from migraine headaches are in agony for hours or even for days.The exact reason behind the migraine headache is not yet known to anyone but medications are there to treat the symptoms of a migraine headache.

Symptoms & Causes of Migraine are as follows:

  1. It has several warning symptoms such as sensory abnormalities like nausea, light or hot flashes, blind spots.
  2. In many cases, the person who suffers from a migraine headache, wants to lie down in a calm place and be quiet. Migraines can at times be severe and hamper your daily life functions like work, socializing with friends, etc.
  3. There are various aspects of migraine headaches and many doctors believe that it is triggered by a chemical imbalance in the brain which happens due to a serotonin chemical.
  4. In a migraine, the serotonin levels in the brain may at times drop which may disturb the regulating mechanism that senses the pain in the nervous system leading to headache.
  5. At times certain foods or drinks like alcoholic beverages, especially beer and red wine may also trigger a migraine headache. Aged cheese and chocolates can also trigger it.
  6. Excessive light or sun glare and extremely loud noise also lead to the migraines.

What are the Risk factors for migraine headaches?

  1. Your family history is one of the reasons behind migraines. If your close blood relatives suffer from migraines, then you are also likely to have the same.
  2. Women are also prone to migraines as they undergo extreme hormonal changes that trigger the migraines. Girls who are in puberty are more vulnerable to have migraines than men.
  3. Hormonal changes are one of the major risk factors. When women go through the menstruation cycle, their hormones can change drastically leading to the conditions that trigger a migraine headache. 

If you are very much prone to frequent Migraines in Rochester, NY, then you may think of going in for the preventive medicine which helps you to change your diet and also take prescription drugs. 

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Is Chiropractic Care for Children Safe?

While the issue of safety regarding chiropractic care for children comes up from time to time, repeated studies have shown it to be safe and effective.

How Do I Find A Good Chiropractor?
How Do I Find A Good Chiropractor?

Children have been receiving chiropractic adjustments for well over a century. Studies by Pauli Yi in 2007 demonstrated positive effects on both learning disabilities and dyslexia. Work done by Lovett L in 2006 showed improvement with ADHD. How did it happen? Misalignments in the upper neck and back were fixed. Both studies were done scientifically with control groups subjected to T-test statistical analysis.

Whether parents we like or not, adolescents will come across many structural issues during their early years. The resulting problems in their spines (think scoliosis) and other misalignments frequently occur from things like school sports, a poor mattress or poor supportive sitting in classrooms.

In order to maintain optimal health, chiropractic intervention is important.

Perhaps more so than most, since it’s possible to have misalignments and be symptom-free. So all children, as well as their parents, can use periodic chiropractic checkups.

An imbalanced nervous system is the cause of many health issues in young children such as ear infections, constipation, and food allergies. These imbalances result from spinal subluxations for which chiropractic can help. By restoring balance to the nervous system, the immune system starts to run optimally. A person will feel better with an improved sense of vitality.

In a study done by Carrick in 1997, there is evidence that spinal manipulations can also improve blood flow to the brain. An annual chiropractic exam for a child can thus make an important difference in their overall sense of well being.

Chiropractic care is unique for each person and their spine. This includes children. Gentle manipulations are used on a child’s spine appropriate for their age level.

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Acupuncture Helps to Treat Cancer Patients in Rochester NY

Cancer is one of the emerging cause of deaths worldwide. With the extensive scientific research done throughout these years many treatment options for cancer have emerged. Despite the availability of various high tech treatment methods, acupuncture has managed to be the most widely used alternative treatment method for cancer like life-threatening disease.

Acupuncture Treatment for Cancer Patients
Acupuncture Treatment for Cancer Patients

The effective benefit of Acupuncture is that it can help you treat the pain associated with cancer.

Cancer and Its Nature

Cancer is a life threating disease primarily caused by abnormal cell growth and division. Its classification is based upon the type of cell which generally affects the organ.

The main reason for this disease to become life-threatening is when the damaged cells begin to divide and multiply on their own that too in an abnormally and uncontrollably manner leading to the formation of masses or lumps known as tumors. The growth of these lumps causes a negative effect on the digestive, respiratory, circulatory organs.

How Acupuncture Helps Cancer Patients?

Some cancer patients accede to modern treatments, while other patients make use of alternative and traditional treatment methods like Acupuncture, to deal with cancer. As per scientific research Acupuncture Rochester NY helps cancer patients to improve their condition to manage pain, nausea, vomiting, dry and painful mouth and throat.

Many oncologists nowadays recommend acupuncture to their patients to manage both the cancer symptoms as well as the symptoms associated with cancer treatments. Researchers claim that it helps cancer patients to manage, nausea, vomiting and many more.

Acupuncture helps to reduce the austerity of cancer treatment symptoms which includes inflammation, pain and swelling. Through this treatment neurons and muscles are stimulated enough so that they can signal the central nervous system to release endorphins which act as natural painkillers for your body.

As many of us are aware of the fact that intense vomiting and nausea are common side effects of chemotherapy. It can help to reduce frequency and intensity of nausea and is beneficial in helping the patients to feel more relaxed.

It helps to treat patients who have a number of cancer-related symptoms which include sleep disorder, chest pain, and bone pain, dizziness, and weight loss, loss of appetite, anxiety, fatigue and depression.

Just by reduction of the intensity and frequency of occurrence of these symptoms, acupuncture provides cancer patients with enough high quality sleep which ultimately helps to improve the quality their lives.

At Dr Sadlon’s clinic we use the combination of Acupuncture Rochester NY, Chinese herbal medicine, moxibustion, and acupressure to treat a complete range of medical disorders and other body ailments.

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Top 4 Tips for Choosing the Right Chiropractor Fairport NY

Patients who suffer from spine, neck, and limb pain are treated by Chiropractors. The chiropractors can help in the treatment of a variety of specializations. In case you suffer from a sports injury or have been injured in a car accident you can simply turn to a chiropractor. Patients who suffer from spine, neck, and limb pain are treated by Chiropractors. The chiropractors can help in the treatment of a variety of specializations. In case you suffer from a sports injury or have been injured in a car accident you can simply turn to a chiropractor. 

Chiropractic in Rochester, NY
Chiropractic in Rochester, NY

Do you really look forward to consult a chiropractor, you just need to follow these simple four tips to make sure you are choosing the right one. People who want to avoid prescription and medication often choose chiropractic instead; as their regular visits will surely help adults and children cope with everything from allergies to headaches.

1. Make Sure his Specialization Matches your Needs
In order to be sure about whether you are receiving the right treatment for your ailment. You need to make sure you choose the right chiropractor for you, and the services they offer match the kind of injury you have. 

2. Your Insurance should Cover the Treatment
For frequent visits to a chiropractor make sure the office you have chosen is covered by your health insurance company. It’s always better to ask your health insurance provider to know whether chiropractors are covered before you seek an appointment. 

3. Prior to Booking an Appointment Meet chiropractor
Never mind if your friend recommended a chiropractor, may be that suited your friend and in any case may be you won’t feel the same as every treatment depends upon the injury type. It’s always better to meet the chiropractor ahead of time, to allow you to understand their techniques and values. 
Many chiropractors do offer free consultation. It is always better to meet the chiropractor and know him as a person to feel comfortable with them, so as to help in easy treatment.

4. Make Sure the Chiropractor Briefs you about Treatment
Chiropractor should fully explain you about the process of examining the injury, as they may ask you briefly about your injury and about your medical history. Chiropractor will surely discuss the treatment plan and will make you fully understand the complete process. They won’t expect you to sign up for any long-term treatment package without prior explanation of its benefits to you.

Simply following the aforementioned tips that can help you choose right Chiropractor in Fairport NY for you, and ensure you are on the right direction and aligned towards road to recovery. Always keep in mind a good chiropractor wishes the best and a fast recovery for his patients.

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Learn These Risks and Benefits of Chiropractic Care before Visiting a Chiropractor

Today, an increasing population in the world is seeking non-medicinal forms of treatment for chronic disorders. Disorders like back-pain, neck pain, and pulled muscle can be cured with chiropractic care. Chiropractors all over the world use ‘spinal manipulations’ to cure the disorders. However, as the spine is a delicate part of the body, a chiropractor needs to conduct the treatment very carefully.


Why Chiropractic?

There are various reasons behind ‘back-pain’, including injuries due to an accident, prolonged working hours, sports injuries and muscle strains. The chiropractor uses his hands to manipulate the spine and align the neuro-musculoskeletal system of the body. He applies force, thrust, or a gentle massage on the spinal areas to reduce pain. The best benefit of chiropractic is that it may take few months to cure but gives long-lasting results and also works on other ailments also.

This treatment is commonly used to relieve pain from muscles, joints, bones, and connective tissues. It can also be used as a complementary medicine with conventional Western medicine.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

By far, chiropractic treatment is considered a safe and effective treatment for acute low back pain. this disorder is very common among professionals who sit for prolonged hours or do jobs which involve a lot of strenuous physical tasks. With chiropractic care, acute back-pain can be cured in not more than 6 weeks.

Research shows that chiropractic is also effective in the treatment of neck pain, headaches, and migraine. In addition to that, deep tissue disorders like fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis can also be treated with chiropractic care.

Risks and Limitations

Just like the other non-medicinal forms of treatment, chiropractic involves a fair amount of risk and limitations. For example, no matter how good it is at treating disorders, it cannot treat cardiac arrests. In emergency cases, you have to go for conventional Western medicine.

In addition to that, nowadays, with the advancement in technology, some chiropractors may ask you to go for X-ray or MRI scanning to confirm that a neural disorder has caused the problem. After receiving the confirmation, the practitioner begins the treatment.

Some chiropractors and osteopaths use prolotherapy and sclerotherapy for pain relief. Though studies have not confirmed their effectiveness, some patients have reported positive results after having certain medications alongside. Those treatments are used to cure chronic pain, in case the pain lasts for more than three months. But, they cannot be your best bet when it comes to acute back pain.

Also, if you have osteoporosis, spinal cord compression, or arthritis with inflammation, you should not undergo chiropractic treatment.

No matter where you reside in the world, find a chiropractor who can understand those risks and give you the right advice to move ahead. Chiropractor in Rochester NY, have multiple skills. They can be osteopaths, physiotherapists, or naturopaths. Always do a proper homework before undergoing chiropractic treatment to make it safe and effective.

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