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Avail the Services of Practitioners Offering Chinese Medicine in Penfield for Holistic Healthcare Treatment

Chinese herbology is a component of a larger system of treatment called the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). This system also comprises of acupuncture, exercises, massage and dietary advice. With millions of people visiting TCM practitioners across the globe, Chinese medicine has gained immense popularity. This alternative treatment form is based on the notion that any illness caused in the body is a result of imbalanced energy or Qi that runs through several meridians present in the body.

Acupuncture therapy - alternative medicine

Studies and research conducted over the years have revealed the effectiveness of Chinese herbal medicines in treating a range of disorders, mainly gastrointestinal and gynecological disorders. ‘Today, with the quickly shifting treatment preferences of the western world from conventional to alternative form of treatment, traditional Chinese medicine has gained recognition. So, if you are residing in New York and looking for practitioners offering Chinese Medicine in Penfield, there are several reputed practitioners who can provide you with appropriate treatment.
Yin and Yang-Two Opposing Forces of Energy

As per the ancient Chinese beliefs, two opposing forces called Yin and Yang sustain the existence of every living being. Together, they constitute the Qi or life essence – a form of energy that flows across the body via meridians. While part of organs or meridians is governed by Yin the rest of the organs are governed by Yang. Consequently, a balance between the two is essential.  When these two forces are out of balance, a blockage of Qi is caused resulting in a subsequent illness. The imbalance in energy is caused as a result of several factors such as pollution, stress, nutritional deficiencies, or emotional distress.
How Do You Benefit from Chinese Medicine?

Since, this treatment alternative addresses individual health needs; it empowers an individual to lead a life of balance, well-being and harmony by uniting body, mind, and spirit. This is a holistic treatment form that heals individual organs through medication. So, if you willing to explore the wide ranging benefits of Chinese Medicine, there are several chiropractors that offer Chinese Medicine in Penfield. Apart from the treatment procedure and medications, you tend to benefit from their expertise, which they have acquired with years of practice.


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